Monster City

Kitchen sink modern fantasy, or sometimes just regular modern-day fiction.

Pretty Boy

as you are

It was the kind of day where the only thing worth doing was to stay indoors. It was storming something brutal, rattling the windows of the tiny apartment and threatening to blow Kit’s plants right off the fire escape. Kit came back in absolutely soaked after rescuing their plants, and stood dripping somewhat miserably as they looked over their cactuses. There was no way the poor things weren’t overwatered now.

Nothing for it, though. Kit shivered and sighed and grabbed their phone before trotting off to shower.

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there is a season

Red looked. They found a great wooden sign, high and hand-painted hanging over a dark doorway:


“What—like, Australians? Heck, we see those all the time.”

“Let’s find out!”

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My phone lights up, beeping loud enough that from their nest my sleeping birds stir in alarm. With my face in the pillow it takes me ten seconds to find the thing, and by then it’s buzzed twice more.

It’s stupid’o’clock and a bleary glance at the screen tells me that I’m currently receiving a novel in SMS form. There’s only one person it can be from at this hour. I unlock the phone and shoot off¬†hello, shitlord¬†before scrolling up to read what my best friend has sent me.

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Springwalk Avenue


Nobody thought anything of the new neighbor. After all, she was perfectly normal, if a little eccentric.

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Hirundo Rustica


It was the barn swallows I felt sorriest for. All the rest of us, the animals and birds that had come seeking the refuge Chernobyl offered after it had spat the humans out, we had come to an understanding. Even the crows had accepted its offer.

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