Things someone else made up, but then I also made some things up.


there is a season thunderbirds are go

“Update,” chirps Alice’s voice, which is rendered off her own. It isn’t at all weird to hear what sounds like a younger version of yourself talking to you all the time. “The fire has moved sixteen point two miles southeast.”

“That’s in tolerance. Tell me when the Thunderbirds go away.”

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The Cloudcounter

My Little Pony (1980)

The Cloudcounter is a My Little Pony story rooted in the world of the original generation of toys, circa 1980-1990, following the adventure of a anxious, prophetic pegasus from the tiny town of Baleor.

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You Died

dark souls

This time it had been a knight. He was tall and dressed in the memories of finery, and his armor flashed in the eternal sunshine. It was still in one piece, and she had admired it. Coveted it. Perhaps, she thought as she hefted her spear, she would be able to separate him from it.

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That Which Remains

the witcher

It was pissing down rain by the time he found the baron’s remains, and “remains” itself was a generous word. Phillip Strenger was a pile of sodden ash and singed bone. Only his feet remained, too far from the rest of the fatty tissue to properly burn. A pyre, by Geralt’s measure, seemed unnecessary. Perhaps his men had feared he would rise as a wraith; perhaps they simply hadn’t wanted any part of his body to stay on the property. Perhaps it was spite. Either way, Geralt supposed, it didn’t matter now.

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The Whirlwind World of On-Line E-Love


“Now. What was this amazing idea of yours?”

He turned in time to see Papyrus punch his fist, and tried not to flinch at the unpleasant sound of bone knocking against bone. “My idea! My amazing idea. It is very amazing. Has your kinglitudeness ever heard of—”

Papyrus paused, then beckoned Asgore close. When he drew near, bony phalanxes were cupped at his ear, and Papyrus said in a dramatic stage whisper: “Have you ever heard of dating?”

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Direct Order

team fortress 2

“It’s safer for both of us. I have my gun. All you have to do is find Medic or Engineer and–”

“I’m not leavin’ you sittin’ here with a big hole in your back! Those assholes could come back or maybe I don’t find Medic or maybe somethin’ happens to me, these guys is smart, and then what you’re here bleedin’ out or whatever I don’t—”

“This is an order, Scout.”

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One for Sorrow

the last unicorn

It was paltry magic, but he thought it diverting enough for such a crew as Cully’s … but offering no true magic, he drew no magic back from them … Cully smiled impatiently, and Jack Jingly dozed, but it startled the magician to see the disappointment in Molly Grue’s restless eyes.

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The House That Was Not

welcome to night vale

At news time, the scientists are standing in a group on the sidewalk in front of the nonexistent house, daring each other to go knock on the door.

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